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Frequent questions

What sizes do the garments have?

All the garments on the shop are in One Size, designed and studied to dress and adapt to different sizes, from 40 to 46 approximately, in every single listing you will find precisely specified measurements of every single garment, which I invite you to consult with yours.

I'm 1.70 tall, how could a certain model fit me?

On my blog you can find a guide on how to take measurements, you can find it here: Measurement guide

I advise you to take a tape measure and compare the measurements indicated online with yours, it is the best way to understand how a certain garment could fit you. In addition, in every single listing, to give you a visual reference, I have indicated the model's measurements.

Do you make tailor-made garments?

No, I don't make bespoke garments.

In the case of the Marghe skirt or Elisa model skirt, I can change the size of the elastic at the waist, a change to be agreed with me first via email, before proceeding with the purchase.

Can I return an item that I have purchased?

Yes, but I invite you to read the return policy first, here: Returns .

I saw a fantasy that I liked, but the  boss  is finished, will it be available again?

The fabrics I use are all limited edition, it often happens that a certain pattern is no longer available, except for rare occasions.

With what can I pay online?

Online you can pay with: credit card or PayPal.

How much does the shipping cost for Italy?

6 euros, for any amount and / or weight.

How much does shipping cost to Europe?

27 euros, for any amount and / or weight.

How long does it take for my purchase to arrive?

I ship with SDA, the shipment arrives in 1-2 working days, barring unforeseen circumstances.

Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?

Yes, it is possible, but it is a payment method that must be agreed with me first, for logistical reasons of warehouse management it is not possible to use this payment during the scheduled launches of new products.

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