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Who I am


My name is  Valentina Panisi , I grew up surrounded

by grandmother seamstresses, who inspired me a lot, some of my models

bear their names.  

I started sewing at 13 when I entered high school

professional '' Bonomi-Mazzolari '' of Mantua, with address

clothing and fashion.

Since 2010 I am Fils de Rêves (threads of dreams) , a little one  activity in the

province of Mantua.

Starting from the pattern I draw all my models  and I pack  

entirely  all the items in my collections, in mine

small workshop.

My teenage indecision about wanting to be a florist,

has made my creations stand out  for fabrics:

a predilection for colors and floral patterns.


'' Seasonless flowers and colors '' .

I like to offer you some items that  can  be worn  

365 days (approximately), without being forgotten  in the closet for  months.  

Changing and varying the accessories according to the seasons or

occasions of use.

The goal is to enhance the beauty, enhancing the personality

of each: particular attention is paid to the wearability of the garments,

practical, comfortable and versatile, refined finishes with a sartorial flavor, all with garments in one size (from 38 to 46 approximately).

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